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Building a home is a wonderful dream that you can realize with the help of Shifflett Construction. Many people are wary of building a home because they have heard horror stories. That’s why you choose a company with a reputation like our’s. You want friendly experts on your side who can step you through the project with no stress.

We arehappy to work with your architect or you can select a home design from our plans. We work with you to provide the home you have always wanted – at a price you can afford. There are many decisions to be made in building a home, but we make it simple to fit your budget and your needs. No need to be stressed – you’ve hired Shifflett Construction. Get the home you’ve always wanted with a process as simple as a regular turn-key home purchase.

Whether the question is choosing carpeting or wall color, home design or bathroom design, we’re here to help. We walk you through the process step by step and guide you in making decisions that meet your needs and your budget. We can even help you find the perfect property for your dream home.

We take a custom approach to every new home project, whether it is a single-family dwelling or a townhome in a row of townhomes. We make your property unique and special to your needs and vision.

Don’t think that new home construction is “just too difficult.” We are experienced in the process from choosing the site to finishing off the landscaping.

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